Kara no Kyoukai

Much to the delight of yumekki (and some others), no doubt, the official site of Kara no Kyoukai has announced that Kara no Kyoukai 7 will be released in theatre in August whereas the 6th DVD of Kara no Kyoukai will finally see daylight on the 29th July.


Pani Poni Dash! OVA

So let’s be honest, this is not a review, merely an excuse to post what makes Shaft… well… Shaft. It wouldn’t be Shaft without ’em.

This isn't what I ordered!

This isn't what I ordered!

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Zetsubou shita!

Zetsubou shita! The TIME Magazine’s World’s Most Influential Person has left me in despair! I kid you not, fellow readers, it’s moot, the founder of 4chan, with Anwar Ibrahim being the runner up! What is this- I don’t even- I’m left utterly speechless by this. To quote the article: “To put the magnitude of the upset in perspective, it’s worth noting that everyone moot beat out actually has a job.” Article can be found here.

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good-fridayBased on true story btw~

It sucks when you forget Good Friday…at least I went to church in the next day for Easter


One of the anime that I’m really looking forward this season is Valkyria Chronicles or (Senjou no Valkyria in Japanese), why? Simply because I played the game before and I really like it, the game play is awesome and it has the best cell-shading graphic ever (c’mon it’s PS3). So the game is all nice, so how’s the anime?

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Good day, there is no need to know who I am, just need to know that I’m a subordinate of Aya-san. And I’ll be bringing random doses of news from the anime, manga and visual novel world. Without further ado:

  • The 3rd season of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei has been given the go ahead to be produce under Studio Shaft and will be tittled Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and will be scheduled to debut in July.
  • Following up, a 2nd season of Hetalia Axis Power has been announced and will run on the web and mobiles phones just like the 1st season.
  • Many breathed a sigh of relief (Maybe…) as Zac Efron, in an interview, said that he is unlikely to be in the Full Metal Panic live action film adaption that will be produced by Mandalay Studios.
  • For those who enjoy the Another World arc in the original Clannad series maybe delighted to hear that the final Clannad After Story DVD will contain Another World arc, this time featuring Kyou.
  • A limited edition of the CD single “Falling Down” by English rock band Oasis, the opening song of Eden of the East, will be on sale in Japan on May 27th with an omake/bonus of an animated music video done by Production IG.

That is all for now. Anticipate an update every forthnight beginning next week, unless I have been hanging out with Komachi too much.

The first memory

Hello all!

Welcome to Thousand Memories otaku blog site. Yes, another one. Sue me. While this is primarily (I hope) an anime blog site, there will also be random tidbits from the manga and visual novel section. Also expect a few rants about general otaku culture and whatever things related to it. So, come on in, have a strawberry Häagen-Daz, and enjoy!