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Hey guys, it’s that time again.

That’s right! A new season is coming out soon! Hopefully the shows this season have less on bouncing boobs and more brain friendly material.

Currently the highlights are:

Hot loli bad ass seductress? Give!

Dance in the Vampire Bund: Another Shaft piece of work. The preview have promised us action and violence. Shaft have often delivered very well done scenes (when they do actually finish and not run out of time) and their choices in works are often… unique to say the least. This one is about a vampire who managed to pay off Japan’s national debt in return for a haven for vampires. However, before the press conference, she was attacked by a terrorist group.

Interesting art style. Do like! I just hope the production house doesn't screw it up

Durarara!: Made by the creator of Baccano! If some of you never watched Baccano before, watch it! A beautifully woven storyline with a multitude of characters seemed to be the speciality of this writer. I just hope that the music is as good as Baccano. Unlike Baccano, this one is set in modern day Tokyo. Looking forward to the headless Irish fairy.

Here’s the current chart:



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Bakemonogatari and Intimacy

Staplers now turn me on


Well, it’s been a long while, but I felt like writing. : P

When I went through the trailer for last season. Two things caught my eye. One is, of course, Canaan (because I’m a TM Otaku) and the other is Bakemonogatari. The trailer was strange in that it didn’t have very much of the anime itself in it, but rather Shaft kanjis, yet the mysterious air that surrounds it brought me in immediately. And then Senjougahara appeared. If anything, I’m a sucker for character design. If a girl can look beautiful and gar at the same time, then I’m probably sold in watching the show. And during that time that was all it had. Yet it proceeded all expectation and became the top anime of the season amongst 2channers.

However, what was it that made it so good? (more…)

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After finishing the screening of Ga-Rei Zero for the WWWA (University of Melbourne’s anime club) friday mini-marathon, I scrambled up to the library room to seize a random show to put on for the next 2 hours left before the supposed end of the mini-marathon. Shuffling through my ‘watched’ list to search for a light anime, I found an anime that I have watched a few years back. Futakoi Alternative.

Better than the original, BY FAR

Better than the original, BY FAR!


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The first memory

Hello all!

Welcome to Thousand Memories otaku blog site. Yes, another one. Sue me. While this is primarily (I hope) an anime blog site, there will also be random tidbits from the manga and visual novel section. Also expect a few rants about general otaku culture and whatever things related to it. So, come on in, have a strawberry Häagen-Daz, and enjoy!

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