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Bakemonogatari and Intimacy

Staplers now turn me on


Well, it’s been a long while, but I felt like writing. : P

When I went through the trailer for last season. Two things caught my eye. One is, of course, Canaan (because I’m a TM Otaku) and the other is Bakemonogatari. The trailer was strange in that it didn’t have very much of the anime itself in it, but rather Shaft kanjis, yet the mysterious air that surrounds it brought me in immediately. And then Senjougahara appeared. If anything, I’m a sucker for character design. If a girl can look beautiful and gar at the same time, then I’m probably sold in watching the show. And during that time that was all it had. Yet it proceeded all expectation and became the top anime of the season amongst 2channers.

However, what was it that made it so good? (more…)


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