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G-Good day, this is Momizi, a colleague of mercspy. She is currently indisposed of due to certain circumstances involving Komachi-san and Yamaxanadu-sama. Aya-san has ordered me to take up her slack until she returns, so here are some of the news mercspy has gathered:



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Guess who is back?


Yup, it’s Haruhi second season! Sankaku has confirmed this and I’m damn hyper about it!

It seems that first second season episode is the Bamboo Leaf Rhaspody, I don’t know anything about it since I never read the light novel but I know its going to be


wait for it…


Now, I am going to sleep while waiting for the (speed) sub!

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After finishing the screening of Ga-Rei Zero for the WWWA (University of Melbourne’s anime club) friday mini-marathon, I scrambled up to the library room to seize a random show to put on for the next 2 hours left before the supposed end of the mini-marathon. Shuffling through my ‘watched’ list to search for a light anime, I found an anime that I have watched a few years back. Futakoi Alternative.

Better than the original, BY FAR

Better than the original, BY FAR!


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Kara no Kyoukai

Much to the delight of yumekki (and some others), no doubt, the official site of Kara no Kyoukai has announced that Kara no Kyoukai 7 will be released in theatre in August whereas the 6th DVD of Kara no Kyoukai will finally see daylight on the 29th July.

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