Keris Chapter 2


Rhadit could smell the change in the air, how the wind became more humid and the air now carried a hint of wet soil. He ran a little faster, entering a small street called ‘Karet’, known by the locals for its cemetry and unreasonably cheap housing complex.

By the time he opened the rusty front gate of his house, it has started to drizzle. He quickly inserted the key to his house and gave the door a few good shakebefore he can forced it to open. It was an overstatement to call the building a ‘house’. It was tattered beyond repair, some of the wooden pillar was clearly  rotten, and from the living room he could smell mold and soap from the nearby sewage.

Rhadit gently knocked on the door to his mother’s room and he greeted her.

“Bunda?”, he tried calling his mother who was laying down in a foam mattress. He placed his ear closer to his mother and was relieved to hear a breathing sound. He let out a sighed and rested on the floor next to his mother. His mother had a short and wavy hair with visible stripes of white. Her skin was pale, almost out of life.

Rhadit put two bottles of pills next to his mother.

“This time it should last us for a month”, he said while gently holding his mother’s frail hand.

“It will be over soon. Just a little more and we can both live a better life”.

After bidding his mother a good rest, Rhadit entered to his own room. He  took out a match from his pocket and proceed lighting the candles which has been placed across the room. In the center of the room was a small metal cage with a black cat sleeping in it. He took the cat out of the cage and placed her gently on the floor. Already weakened, the cat hardly struggled.

Rhadit then took a small knife from his pocket and made a small cut on his left arm. Blood started dripping on to the cat. He closed his eyes.

“Om. Hamn. Lakshita. Jagrav. Uttarika” He chanted the same words over and over, increasingly louder.  With every chant, the candles across the room flickered and the cat started to move in a spastic manner. When he opened his eyes, the cat was sitting upright, looking blankly at him.

“I’m sorry”.

Rhadit quickly twisted the cat’s neck, releasing a dull bone creaking sound across the room. He then took a small knife and proceed to cut the cat’s head, tail, and legs before skinning it with careful precision. He took out the internal organs and throw it to the corner of the room. His breathing becomes heavier and his throat was parched.

Rhadit then proceed to gnaw at whatever remained of the cat. He could taste the fur, blood, and puss mixing with raw meat in his mouth. He emptied his mind, endured, and swallowed. With every bite, he could feel the essance of his humanity slowly espcaping through the pores of his body. His body was invaded with primal urges and his mind has fused with an alien entity. He felt like a container ready to burst.

After an hour of struggle, Rhadit regained his composure and exited the room. The rain was still pouring but there was only a few hours before the night is over. The ritual will be undone soon and he needed to move fast.



Keris (WIP) Prolouge



It was Friday night in the midst of monsoon season and the usually hectic city was slowed down by soft drizle of rain and calm blows of wind. It was the Jakarta that ‘Babe’ liked the best: silent, still, and cold. While he just recently graduated from college, his facial hair and overall jaded complexion gave him the impression of an old man, hence his nickname. Babe turned from the main street of Sudirman and entered a rather quiet alley surrounded by tall office buildings and high rise apartments. Just between two small office buildings, he could see a dim light coming from a small cafe by the name of ‘Mistletoe’.

As Babe opened the door, he was greeted by the owner: a woman in her late thirties with slightly curled red hair. She wore an elegant red one piece that matched the colour of her hair. Babe did not know her personally, but he heard her staff called her ‘Mel’ before. He usually referred her as ‘The red woman’ in his mind.

“I almost thought you weren’t coming today. Would you like to order the usual?” ,the owner greeted him with a warm smile.

Babe nodded while closing his frail plastic umbrella and putting it in a box near the entrance. The cafe was a little more crowded than usual. He could see an older men in business attire occasionally looking at his rolex watch. Perhaps a higher-up in one of the nearby banks. On the other side of the room were university students from rich families, judging from their choice of handbags.

Babe sat down in his usual seat near the window and unpacked his leather bag. As he tooked out a novel,  a familiar waitress brought his drink.

“Hot Latte” said the girl as she served it from her tray.

As Babe nodded, he noticed  she looked different than the usual. Today she tied her hair in ponytail. A welcomed changed, he thought.

“You always sat in the same spot. Ordered the same drink. Read the same book. Why?“ asked the girl.

“Why?”, he said while almost stuttering. It was the first time she talked to him and he was rather unpreapared to start a conversation. After a short moment of thinking he answered to the girl.

“They say the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again. Hoping for different results”.

The girl looked slightly bewildered at his answer.

“Sorry. It was a random quote from Einsten that I happened  to recall”, said Babe while letting out a little laugh.

“I guess I’m just the type of guy that prefers familarity”. He continued, hoping to better end his answer.

The girl then closed her eyes and took a deep breath, seemingly try to process his answer. For a second, there was an akward silence with Babe wondering if the conversation had actually ended and the girl just standing still with her eyes closed. When she reopened her eyes, the girl gave Babe a small head nod before she excused herself and walked back to the counter. After letting out a sigh, he went back to his book and tooked a small sip from his now cold latte.

Why am I reading the same book? Well, it was a difficult book, why couldn’t he just say that?

‘Random quote from Einstein’, his own word echoed in his mind. Where did that came from?

A small movement on his left field of vision then brought him back to reality. Just beside his book now lies  a matcha velvet cake on a small round coffee plate.

“A different result” said the girl, before she went back to serve the other customer.

Babe spent the next five minutes staring blankly at the cake.

“Guess I am not allowed to be insane yet”,he said while taking a bite and watching the distorted car light passing through the wet windows pane.





Winter Season 2009-2010

Hey guys, it’s that time again.

That’s right! A new season is coming out soon! Hopefully the shows this season have less on bouncing boobs and more brain friendly material.

Currently the highlights are:

Hot loli bad ass seductress? Give!

Dance in the Vampire Bund: Another Shaft piece of work. The preview have promised us action and violence. Shaft have often delivered very well done scenes (when they do actually finish and not run out of time) and their choices in works are often… unique to say the least. This one is about a vampire who managed to pay off Japan’s national debt in return for a haven for vampires. However, before the press conference, she was attacked by a terrorist group.

Interesting art style. Do like! I just hope the production house doesn't screw it up

Durarara!: Made by the creator of Baccano! If some of you never watched Baccano before, watch it! A beautifully woven storyline with a multitude of characters seemed to be the speciality of this writer. I just hope that the music is as good as Baccano. Unlike Baccano, this one is set in modern day Tokyo. Looking forward to the headless Irish fairy.

Here’s the current chart:


Bakemonogatari and Intimacy

Staplers now turn me on


Well, it’s been a long while, but I felt like writing. : P

When I went through the trailer for last season. Two things caught my eye. One is, of course, Canaan (because I’m a TM Otaku) and the other is Bakemonogatari. The trailer was strange in that it didn’t have very much of the anime itself in it, but rather Shaft kanjis, yet the mysterious air that surrounds it brought me in immediately. And then Senjougahara appeared. If anything, I’m a sucker for character design. If a girl can look beautiful and gar at the same time, then I’m probably sold in watching the show. And during that time that was all it had. Yet it proceeded all expectation and became the top anime of the season amongst 2channers.

However, what was it that made it so good? Continue Reading »


G-Good day, this is Momizi, a colleague of mercspy. She is currently indisposed of due to certain circumstances involving Komachi-san and Yamaxanadu-sama. Aya-san has ordered me to take up her slack until she returns, so here are some of the news mercspy has gathered:

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Guess who is back?


Yup, it’s Haruhi second season! Sankaku has confirmed this and I’m damn hyper about it!

It seems that first second season episode is the Bamboo Leaf Rhaspody, I don’t know anything about it since I never read the light novel but I know its going to be


wait for it…


Now, I am going to sleep while waiting for the (speed) sub!

Twins and Sugars

After finishing the screening of Ga-Rei Zero for the WWWA (University of Melbourne’s anime club) friday mini-marathon, I scrambled up to the library room to seize a random show to put on for the next 2 hours left before the supposed end of the mini-marathon. Shuffling through my ‘watched’ list to search for a light anime, I found an anime that I have watched a few years back. Futakoi Alternative.

Better than the original, BY FAR

Better than the original, BY FAR!

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